Characterised by voices of
nature & bohemian spirit

Varanasi , formerly known under the name of Benaras , is one of the most colorful and fascinating places on earth. Situated on the ghats of river Ganges, is one of the oldest cities in the world and its spiritual character is our brand main inspiration.

The life-force of the city attracts people from all over the world due to its calmness and peace. Benaras strives to create pieces, inspired by same understanding, that enable women to relax and breathe, and enjoy the tranquility of feeling one with the universe.
The city is situated on the western banks of the eastbound river, right at the point where it makes a sudden turn for the north. Here, the Sun rises perpendicular to the river, creating a burning stream of light that cuts across its width at dawn. Every morning, devotees will emerge from a purifying dip with palms jointly spread out to pour Ganga ji into the burning stream of light. In the offering of water to the Sun God, a unity is achieved between the earth and Sun, between water and fire, between the receiver and source of life, and finally between the soul of man and the universe, the eternal consciousness.
Benaras is a name which conjures images and emotions of peace and calm. It is hard to miss the glorious sun rise and the devotees in the water when one thinks of that city. It is that spirit which inspires our Sun marque, as Benaras strives to create resort wear that enable women to relax and breathe, and enjoy the tranquility of feeling one with the universe.

Designer Speak

Timeless pieces for those looking for comfort and instant chic

The label creates resort and lounge collections with a free spirited feeling for women who are explorers by nature. The collection reflects a subtle balance between Parisian chic and our very own traditional craftsmanship which brings a new life into the collections. The magnetic appeal of natural fibres and embellished by handmade pompoms, well balanced color palettes and accurate details is the signature of the label. The designers Madhu Killa and Rinkle Jain with their team of over 150 artisans work to create their magic with cotton and linen handwoven fabric. Traditional weaving techniques, distinctive and contemporary designs the palette of neutral tones and subtle shades truly reiterates effortless and bohemian city wear.

Banaras SIgnature